NSW Health - Quality Matters

Originally only briefed for a website the 'Quality Improvement Portal' Handle Branding saw an opportunity. We decided that there was a need for brand and staff activation so we made it the centre of this project. Handle Branding was asked to do the Naming, Design and Branding across the board. We considered various options and felt that 'Quality' was a major component of the people, actions and conversation. Using the word 'Matters' we were able to create two verticals of the brand. Matters - The importance in the work place, practices and procedures. Matters - The conversation, information and collaboration of all staff in the Health industry. Taking that forward we decided upon "Quality Matters" for the brand name, using the symbol of health to create a distinct word mark. The brand was well received and will be rolled out across all hospitals in Western Sydney and possibly on a National level. Brand Rollout - Naming and Positioning Statement - Brand Hierarchy Strategy - Identity - Brand Snapshot, Logos and Supporting Graphics - Image and brand development - Signage - Advertising recommendations - Responsive Website interface recommendations

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